Dry Mixed Recycling

We offer a wide range of different sized containers for Recycling waste

We understand that getting your staff to recycle can be time consuming and difficult

Our new “Dry Mixed Recycling” Scheme allows customers to combine card, newspaper, magazines, drinks cans, clean food cans, plastic bottles (such as milk bottles), drinks bottles, detergent bottles and clear plastic wrap all-in-one.

We can recycle:




Drinks cans

Clean food cans

Plastic bottles

Milk bottles

Detergent bottles

Clear plastic wrap

We help businesses to manage their waste, increase their recycling, comply with relevant legislation and reduce their carbon footprint.

We can all reduce, reuse and recycle – at work, at home, in the garden, and while we’re out and about. In some very simple steps – like reusing shopping bags, recycling materials, or setting up a compost bin in your garden for kitchen and garden waste- you can make a very real difference to the environment. For example, recycling aluminium drink cans saves up to 95 per cent of the energy needed to make them from raw materials and recycling just nine aluminium cans saves enough energy to power a television for over a day.


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