GDPR Data Breach Policy


1. H & A Recycling Ltd collects, holds, processes and shares personal data.

2. Every care is taken to protect personal data from incidents to avoid a data protection breach.

3. This policy sets out the procedure to be followed for managing any data breach.

4. This policy relates to all personal and special categories of data.

5. The objective of this policy is to contain any breaches and to minimise the risk associated with the breach.

6. An incident includes but is not restricted to, the following:

   a) Loss or theft of confidential or sensitive data or equipment on which such data is stored.

   b) Equipment theft or system failure.

   c) Unauthorised use of data or information systems.

   d) Computer hacking.

7. Any individual who accesses or uses personal information is responsible for reporting data breach and information security incidents immediately to the relevant Management.

8. If the beach occurs or is discovered outside normal working hours, it much be reported to the relevant Management as soon as practicable.

9. Appropriate steps will be taken immediately to minimise the effect of the breach.

10. If necessary, any breaches will be reported to the Information Commissioners Office within 72 hours of us becoming aware of a breach.

JAN 2017

Dear All

We are pleased to advise that due to the continued support of all of our customers and the fact that we are currently adding thirty (30) plus new contracted customer sites each month to our existing customer base we shall be adding a further three new refuse trucks to our fleet, taking our waste recycling collection fleet up to fifteen (15) as of 1st March 2017. This investment of circa four hundred thousand pound and with a further investment of one hundred thousand pound in new containers, we feel this will assist us in our continued desire to deliver the very best possible service to all of our customers in Devon and Cornwall.

We are also pleased to advise that we shall shortly be rolling out all the containers required to service a new two year contract with St Austell Brewery managed houses and brewery sites. Our services will include, General waste recycling, separate dry mixed recycling, separate glass collection/recycling and separate food waste collection/recycling all due to start in March 2017.

Allan M Holmes

Managing Director

Zero to Landfill!!


We are pleased to advise all of our customers that, after we have collected their general waste products and have brought them back to our MRF (materials recovery facility) we are now achieving 99% landfill diversion rate.


This has been achieved by either source segregated food waste collection or by the introduction of our state of the art BTTU (Bio Thermic Treatment Unit).  This unit treats the trommel fines that we remove from our general waste and after treatment the dry residuals can then be added to your RDF (Refused Derived Fuel).  This refuse derived fuel is used to create green energy and therefore this material does not go to LANDFILL!



Waste Hierarchy

We continue to strive for our ‘zero to landfill’ objective for businesses in Cornwall.

Here is a simple guide showing the government directive to help us achieve this goal.


Dear All,

Following on from a very successful Royal Cornwall Show, H&A Recycling Ltd are pleased to announce that we are currently achieving an 86.9% landfill diversion rate.

Within our Material Recovery Facility (MRF), we will shortly be installing a new Bio Thermic Digester, which will have the effect of securely containing our trommel fines inside a sealed unit and therefore, reducing odours and trommel fines by up to 70%. We will then be able to dispose of the trommel fines as Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF) instead of taking it to landfill. With the introduction of this new technology into our MRF, we will be able to move as close as possible to our Zero to Landfill goal.

We are also pleased to announce that our customers can now request separate food waste collections and this is disposed of at an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant in Plymouth.

For more information on any of our services, please email

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