Cornwall’s MRF Recycling Company

H & A Recycling Ltd was created by the division of integral divisions of H & A Waste Services Ltd. It was felt that it was time to enhance our recycling capabilities that we would need a separate limited company to take on this commitment.

In October 2011 all of the Trade Waste, Recycling and Commercial services were transferred into H & A Recycling Ltd. We now operate from two operating centres in Cornwall. We service 2,660 customer sites each week from Land’s End to the South West, throughout Cornwall and up to Plymouth, Ivybridge to the East.

We operate ten mobile compaction vehicles (more commonly known as dustcarts) to service our customer sites either daily, weekly, fortnightly, collecting from site specific containers that we supply. Our customers can choose from Trade Waste containers or sacks or they can benefit from our Dry Mixed Recycling containers or sacks.

Recently we have acquired a new site on Cardrew Industrial Estate and built the new M.R.F. (Material Recycling Facility) we can now move forward with our ambitions to become zero to landfill by 2014.

We  bring all of our waste back to the M.R.F. and separate them out into their different fractions to enable us to recycle and divert them away from costly landfill sites. The new M.R.F. is was open in late 2012.

We can now offer Food Waste collection, H & A Recycling supports the EA and Defra with regards to source segregate food waste collection to encourage Cornish businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

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